PC Manager

* What Is PCMan?
Billing program PCMan is allocated for Warnet Warnet and Game
* How do I get PCMan program?
PCMan can be directly downloaded on this site.

* Is any increase or decrease the PC Client should reinstall?
No, PCMan can be arranged according to need. PCMan can be set with the maximum number of at least 300 clients and 10 client.
* What distinguishes PCMan with another billing program?
PCMan has a graphical interface that allows the usage of this billing programs, and equipped with a barcode system that is useful for identity cards for cafes and sales system.

* Do we have to PCMan purchase program?
No, PCMan distributed free to all internet cafe
* Does the operator can change the setting PCMan?
No, because it has PCMan level distribution system to use features on PCMan
* What is a system block PCMan site and block the program?
Yes, a system for PCMan site blocks and blocks programs that can be adjusted as needed ..
* Any OS using PCMan biased?
For the moment only the windows OS that can be installed PCMan
* Are PCMan have back-up system databases?
Yes, PCman have Back-up system that can be adjusted automatically as needed.
* If the new features PCMan whether to download again?

No, because the system of PCMan are online if PCMan connected to the internet it will automatically download and incorporate into your PCMan.

Download here

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PC Manager,

PC Manager

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