MS-DOS was the operating system used by many of the IBM-PC compatible computers before the advent of Microsoft Windows market. Now we can enjoy it again using FreeDOS, a system developed under GPL and that after years of maturing, and has some of the functions of MS-DOS lacked.

FreeDOS has the same drivers as the original version and also includes support for FAT32 file system includes Ultra-DMA controllers and DOSLFN and can run together with any edition of Windows since version 3.0 and up to Vista, in addition to ReactOS .

This system has many commands from the original version, some of them improved. Provides support for the vast majority of applications developed for this system and the web developer can find plenty of links to hundreds of games and programs that will make us feel a little nostalgia.

FreeDOS is ideal for better understanding the fundamentals of computing and programming.

Requirements and additional information:

The file is a disk image that needs to be virtualized or recorded on a CD for install.

Direct discharge Warning:

All downloads available direct from Malavida servers are free of viruses and have been checked by our content team unlike sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload or files available on P2P networks as Torrent or eMule.

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