IrfanView is a small, fast, compact and innovative work with images. It is freeware (for non-commercial) and can use in Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. For designers it is like a small Swiss Army knife.

The idea we have of Swiss Army knives are used to almost everything, with its multiple tools, extremely useful in many situations. Designers know well the professional programs that are used to touch up graphics, photos or illustrations ... anque also know that these programs are "heavy" for computers, require many resources and their management is quite complex. On many occasions we would not need much power to perform some simple operations with images.

It intervenes when a program like IrfanView, which is a small program that takes up very little space. It has been designed and programmed by Irfan Skiljan, but even a small program, which consumes almost no resources, does any action with graphics! At least the simplest and we can save many troubles quickly.

To this we must unite him that its distribution is free and there's no need to acquire licenses for personal use. Meanwhile, commercial use is as affordable as $ 12. So you can understand why we decided to compare this program with a "small pocket knife.

IrfanView is capable to perform any actions on multiple images formats: cut, copy, cut, make "Thumbnails" or thumbnail images, create slide shows ... and everything done with enough quality. Additionally, using its many plug-ins available, is even able to accept and apply Photoshop filters to images. Their utility is enormous.

When multiple operations are necessary in many photographs or illustrations at a time, IrfanView is a very acosejable utility to facilitate our work. Both designers, who often buy photographs or illustrations, for example, Fotolia, as photographers will find this program very useful.

Download here
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