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No need to wait for nine months to see how much your baby! What you need is two pictures. Just put the photos into BabyMaker you both, and see what your baby will look like in a flash. Impress your friends and family with? What if? Your baby pictures may be made by just about anyone. You only need two facial photos (passport-style will do) to generate a realistic image baby. And we? Re not talking about the style of cartoons or drawings morph still frozen in the midst of transformation. You? Ll get the real face of a young man with unique features that resemble features of both faces? Parents?.

Your hard to believe? Try asking your parents a few photos, and put them on BabyMaker and see your own face in the end! Science prophecy brought to perfection by BabyMaker. Make a baby with anyone! Amuse your friends with? Married? them to each other, or have fun using pictures of celebrities as one or both parents. Print or email the resulting picture is even more fun! Unlike almost all competitors, not only BabyMaker morph one face into another. Instead, carefully analyze the characteristics of the two faces using face detection scientific algorithms, and again carefully to create a baby? S carefully mixing different features of the parents? face. The technology used in BabyMaker so advanced that they can easily produce high-quality color pictures baby even if the original quality is still far from perfect. Just throwing some old photos your grandparents to see this in action! Black and white, scratched, faded or Retouched photos will do if they represent a real face. If you use images from the Internet, with a low resolution or compressed images is very good if the face was still recognizable.

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Baby Maker,

Baby Maker

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