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Webinars Matlab – Matlab Recorded Webinars | 1.9GB

Matlab webinars from the company Mathworks - are small (duration 1 hour) video lessons for both beginners and experienced users matrix laboratory Matlab.

List webinars:
* Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB - Update for 2009 (United Kingdom)
* Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB for Financial Applications
* Application Deployment with MATLAB
* Assess C & C + + Code Quality and Reuse Software with PolySpace Products
* Color Image Processing with MATLAB
* Data Analysis with MATLAB Products
* Data Analysis with Statistics and Curve Fitting Toolboxes
* Deploying MATLAB Applications to the Web
* Deploying MATLAB Components to C C + + Java NET and Excel
* Developing Measurement and Analysis Systems using MATLAB
* Image and Video Processing with DSPs and FPGAs
* Introduction to Computational Finance with MATLAB_A Risk Management Example
* Introduction to Curve Fitting for Nonprogrammers
* Introduction to Econometrics Toolbox
* Introduction to Optimization with MATLAB Products
* Large Data Sets in MATLAB
* MATLAB for C C + + Programmers
* MATLAB for Java Programmers
* MATLAB for Signal Processing
* MATLAB for Teaching
* MATLAB for the Life Sciences
* MATLAB Tools for Test and Measurement
* Multivariate Data Analysis and Monitoring for the Process Industries
* New Tools for Symbolic Computing in MATLAB (2008)
* Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB
* Parallel Computation with The MathWorks Distributed Computing Tools and Windows CCS Scheduler
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB - What's New in R2009a
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB in Computational Finance
* Response Surface Models of Drug Interactions with Curve Fitting Toolbox
* Speeding up MATLAB Applications
* Speeding up MATLAB Applications_Australia
* Tips and Tricks_Data Analysis and Surface Fitting with MATLAB
* Tips and Tricks_Getting Started Using Optimization with MATLAB
* Using MATLAB on Multicore Machines
* Using MATLAB to Develop Financial Models
* Using SystemTest with Excel
* What's New for MATLAB with R2009a
* What's New for Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB
* Deploying MATLAB Components to C-C + +, JAVA,. NET, and Excel
* Introduction to Matlab
* MATLAB for C programmers and Cplusplus
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB for Administrators
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB-What's New in R2008b
* Speeding up MATLAB Applications
* Tips and Tricks_Getting Started Using Optimization with MATLAB
* Compiling applications in MATLAB
* Image processing using Matlab
* MATLAB for Excel Users
* MATLAB for Excel users
* Introduction to MATLAB 7
* Use MATLAB to develop and implement financial models
* Processing and analysis of data using packets Statistics Toolbox and Curve Fitting Toolbox


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Webinars Matlab,

Webinars Matlab

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