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ABBYY FineReader - intellectual identification documents, which will help in a few minutes to convert paper documents, as well as any types of PDF-files into editable formats. The new version recognizes the excellent image of poor quality: faxes, pictures taken by camera phone. The program improved mechanisms for determining the structure of the document, including: finding tables, pictures, graphs.
This program is for individual use in homes and offices, which will help to solve the following problem:
* Make changes to paper documents without retyping and formatting to make electronic documents from paper;
* Converted into editable documents look bad quality: photographed by a camera phone, faxed, etc.;
* Recognize and handle documents with complex formatting: a multilevel content, illustrations, tables (magazine pages, price lists, reports, etc.);
* Scan and OCR documents for inclusion in an electronic archive with a searchable

Conservation of the total clearance
With the revolutionary technology of adaptive recognition ADRT ® 2.0 (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) program accurately detects documents with complex formatting.
The new version of ABBYY FineReader analyzes the document as a whole, while fully preserving its logical structure: TOC and hyperlinks, different levels header, page numbers, upper and lower headers and footers, captions for pictures, as well as font styles, and headers.

Ease of use
The program's interface contains a window with sample scripts. For ease of use scenarios are divided into groups, saving settings made in the same window. The user selects the appropriate script for converting and one click gets edited copy of the document.
The user can identify the documents in the program step by step. To reduce the number of clicks and faster work with the program on the top panel handed down the basic steps: a challenge to the window with sample scripts, click "Open" and "Save", it helps minimize the time to search for the appropriate actions in the program menu.

Mobile phone instead of the scanner
The new version supports all popular models of scanners and multifunction devices, as well as correctly recognizes texts pictures taken with a digital camera or camera phone.
For processing images taken by camera phone, the program provides the following functions: correcting trapezoidal distortion, elimination of noise and blurring.

Support for most world languages
ABBYY FineReader recognizes documents on 186 languages based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets, languages supported on the basis of hieroglyphic writing. The new version introduces a new recognition language - Korean, thus we continue to expand the list of non-alphabetic languages.
For 39 languages, provides spell checking.
The system successfully detects documents that combine text in two or more languages, including documents containing a "mixture" of alphabetic and hieroglyphic languages.

Automatic language recognition
Using intelligent algorithms, ABBYY FineReader will automatically receive information about the languages in which the written document, and use it for recognition.

Save to PDF and PDF / A format
The program includes all options are saved in searchable PDF (text below the image, text over the image, only text and pictures, just pictures). The user can protect the created PDF-file with a password.

Optimization for multicore processors
An increasing number of computers equipped with a two-or quad-core processors. Intelligent algorithms ABBYY FineReader can effectively parallelize the various steps of processing the document (pre-processing image structure analysis, pattern recognition, synthesis document) and fully utilize all the power of machines with multicore processors.

Releases released: 2010
Developer: ABBY / Boomer
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / Win7
Post Title : ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader,

ABBYY FineReader

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