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OpenOffice is a free application. Like other applications that you know, OpenOffice package also provides a complete office application. Flesibilitas and compatibility of OpenOffice is the main attraction for those who want to migrate to open source but want to maintain the old data you.

Facilities & Capabilities OpenOffice:

  • Can be installed on Windows and Linux, available also for the Solaris OS and Mac OS X, free and legal.
  • Have a look, function, menu order, and the familiar way of working, so you will not be confused when first working with OpenOffice.
  • Can process and produce an output file complete and compatible with other Office applications. OpenOffice can even save data in PDF format, so you will not require additional applications to create PDF.
OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Package:

OpenOffice Writer: A word processor
OpenOffice Calc: Processing rates
OpenOffice Impress: Presentation Processing
OpenOffice Base: Processing Database
OpenOffice Draw: Processing images

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Open Office,

Open Office

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