What is Freeware?

Free software (English: free software) is a term coined by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation which refers to the free software to be used, studied and modified, and can be copied with or without modifications, or by some necessity to ensure that same freedom can still be enjoyed by subsequent users. Free here also means the use, study, modify, copy or sell the software, one does not need to ask permission from anyone.

For making the software as free software, such software must have a license, or are in the public domain and providing access to the source code for each person. Free software movement (free software movement) who pioneered the free software began in 1983, aims to provide these freedoms can be enjoyed by every computer user.

With this concept of freedom, every person is free to sell free software, commercial use and to profit from the distribution and modification of source code. Yet every person who has a copy of a free software can also distribute the free software for free. Business model of free software is usually located on the added value such as support, training, customization, integration or certification.

Free software (free software) should not be confused with free software (freeware) software that is used for free. Free software can be free software or proprietary devices. Since the late 1990s, several alternative terms for free software launched as "open source software" (open-source software), "software libre", "FLOSS", and "FOSS".

Nowadays most free software is available for free and built / developed by an open community. The members of these communities are generally voluntary but may also be employees of a company that was paid to assist the development of the software.
Post Title : What is Freeware?

What is Freeware?,

What is Freeware?

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